Start your progress today and master the guitar with easy step-by-step guitar lessons through skype or google hangouts.

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  • 22+ Years Teaching Experience

    Don’t waste precious time! In the many years of teaching I’ve learned how to get to the core of things quickly and learned to express myself clearly.

  • Bachelor & Master Degree

    When needed, I have an extended musical and theoretical background to be able to explain and simplify the more complex matters for you.

  • Acoustic & Electric Guitar

    Nylon, Steelstring, or Electric guitar, all have their own unique challenges that I can help you with.

  • Almost Any Style

    From Rock to Jazz, Funk to Fingerstyle, South American to Classical music… There almost isn’t a style that I haven’t studied and performed.

  • Free Lesson Recording

    Each lesson is recorded in Full HD video and made available online for you to watch and watch again, as much as needed.

  • Play What You Want

    You want to focus on improvisation? You got it! You want to become the best rock guitarist on the planet? We’ll get you there! I can guide you as much or as little as you want me to.

In doubt? start with a single lesson now for $37

Do guitar lessons via skype really work?

YES! Skype lessons are a great way to have that “private-lesson-experience” from the comfort & luxury of your own home. Add to that the fact that you get access to your lesson recording and you'll realise you'll never have to forget a single detail from your guitar session, EVER!

What are the lesson options?

Currently there are 4 standard lesson options to choose from. You can choose your desired option after you've clicked the "add to cart" button (prices are in US dollar)

  1. Single 30 minute lesson ($37)
  2. 30m/week ($29/week) - Save 20%
  3. Five 30 minute lessons pack ($157) - Save 18%
  4. Five 30 minute lessons pack ($157) - Save 15%

How and when are lessons scheduled?

As soon as I've received a purchase confirmation I will contact you via email to schedule your lesson(s). Ideally the first lesson is scheduled within a week of your purchase. Should the unlikely event happen that we can't find a suitable time and day for your lesson, the full amount of your purchase will be refunded immediately.

I have more questions, where do I go?

If you have more questions to ask then you can send an email to and I will reply with an answer as soon as possible.

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Click Here To Pick Your Lesson Plan!Starting at $37 and with discounts of up to 20%!